To Review Or Not To Review

Reviews are the new referrals. Have you ever heard a small business owner, in the service industry, making the claim,


” I get all my business via referral “


” My work speaks for itself”

Now that everyone relies on the internet before making a decision, customer reviews are an imperative factor as to wether or not someone selects your business over another.


A major problem business owners are faced with is, customers are more likely to write a review after a negative experience rather than after a positive experience.


Reviews shouldn’t be avoided they are something to embrace because they are the future of your business!

How are you managing your reviews?

6 thoughts on “To Review Or Not To Review

  1. Great advice! I’ve been really trying to grow my business and I started just asking people for reviews and I’ve noticed since then my inquiries have definitely doubled. Is there a certain site you recommend for getting reviews?

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    1. Hi Mike,
      Thanks for your question! We recommend of course Google first and foremost, but Google does post most reviews from across the internet on your Business Listing, including Facebook, Yellow Pages, Home Advisor, Houzz and many others.
      Keep in mind, in order to post a review on Google, you must have a gmail account. We found that many of our customers have a variety of different email accounts, like Yahoo, Comcast, Verizon, ect. In those cases, we encourage customers to leave reviews from other sites, most commonly Yellow Pages or Facebook.

      Great job getting reviews for your business! That will certainly be a tool you can use for the life of your business!


  2. I have a lot customers who ask me “How do I go about removing a negative review?”. Sometimes it’s competitors trying to affect the business reputation or customers with unreasonable expectations.

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    1. Jared
      In my experience what I have found to be productive when dealing with a real customer service issue is:

      1. Contact the customer to inform them that your calling to resolve their issue (regardless of what it is).
      If possible speak to a live customer over the phone rather then dealing with the issue via email.
      Most of the time a customer just wants to know that their issue isn’t being ignored. Leaving a bad review is their way of getting EVERYONE’S attention. Once the issue is resolved, I would 100 percent ask the customer to remove the negative review!


      1. Thanks lol What about a competetor who leaves a one star review just to affect the business rating?

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